The transport industry is a sector with environmental consequences, for which ANNEBERG Transport feels responsible for managing. Therefore, we set high standards for ourselves and invest many resources annually, including three safety advisors. We strive to minimize waste in our work to reduce environmental damage and avoid workplace accidents and harm to our employees.

We apply strict safety requirements when selecting equipment, making safety a primary part of our company culture. As specialists, we have product knowledge and conduct risk analysis for every new product and destination requested.

Our skilled drivers are trained through our own education system, built according to chemical industry guidelines such as BBS (Behavior Based Safety), labor inspectorate guidelines, customer requirements, our own experiences, and instructor recommendations. We operate according to the strictest safety requirements defined in our Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality (SHEQ) program.

SQAS overall score

SQAS Cleaning 87%

Working Environment

We invest many resources annually in the working environment, including three safety advisors. We strive to avoid workplace accidents and harm to our employees. Regarding the working environment, we are ISO 45001 certified and audited according to the chemical industry’s SQAS. We analyze and risk assess all products and destinations.

Our well-trained drivers also receive education on modern equipment and a safe working environment. In this context, we have developed a new visual education system, allowing drivers to quickly and easily take new courses in everything from product knowledge to safety and technical insight into the vehicle’s structure. The driver can always use the system from their PC/tablet/smartphone, and data from completed exams can be directly analyzed from the office.

This ensures that drivers are always updated with our customers’ latest information on safety, and most importantly, a confirmation that the driver has understood the message. This system is primarily developed to create a safer workplace for drivers but also to build better customer satisfaction.


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Today, we refuel with fossil-free fuels such as diesel B100 and HVO diesel. We educate our drivers through our own program, and we monitor driving patterns by the driver.

We are ISO 14001 certified and audited according to the chemical industry's SQAS; we are close to 90 percent full-load utilization in transports where there is an opportunity to combine products.

We are well on our way to reducing CO2; this is done, for example, by using fossil-free fuel.


CO2 savings on the total fleet

We use a mix of HVO and B100 in the Scandinavian market, which respectively reduces HVO, CO2 by 90%, and B100 by 70% compared to conventional diesel.


CO2 savings on Scandinavian vehicles


Our quality is based on many years of experience and fine-tuning of the parameters that influence this, ranging from mechanics, drivers, and dispatchers to the tools made available. Our modern Transport Management System (TMS) allows us to work even more focused, efficient, and productive. It is one of the innovative developments that enable a real-time connection between your and our IT systems.

By sharing order status, loading and unloading times, and the vehicle’s location, you and we together achieve the ultimate digital supply chain network. You can track your transports live and are always informed about the latest situation.